Falling Skies (TNT, CR: James Dittiger) With its third season premiere slated for this Sunday (9 pm et/pt), the TNT sci-fi series Falling Skies continues the journey of well meaning yet conflicted protagonist Tom Mason (Noah Wyle).  A former history professor who’s now president of the U.S., Mason must determine if the new race of aliens (the Volm) can be trusted as allies in their struggles against the Espheni.

Produced by Steven Spielberg and created by Robert Rodat, the scribe behind Saving Private Ryan, Falling Skies may have science fiction overtones but parts of the show actually feels a Western.

During a recent interview with Noah Wyle, the actor expressed his love for John Ford directed Westerns, citing the films The Searchers and Fort Apache as two of his favorites. Click on the media bar and listen to Wyle talk about how Henry Fonda’s role in Fort Apache has influenced his own approach in playing Tom Mason:

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