Before Midnight (Sony Pictures Classics)

After his turn as a rookie cop in 2001’s Training Day, Ethan Hawke could have parlayed that momentum and taken his share of studio driven, big budget projects.

Instead, the actor has balanced his career with the occasional genre film with smaller scale, more character centric work. Hawke’s longtime collaboration with director Richard Linklater is front and center once again with Before Midnight, and the actor will also be seen in the thriller The Purge (opening June 7th).

The actor recently reflected on his career and explained why “creative freedom” is an important part of his working life.  “The truth is the more you get paid, the less freedom you have,” said Hawke.  “They never pay you for nothing, it’s just always the way it is. I’ve managed to do this for more than 20 years and keep dodging and weaving and not being one thing.”

To listen to Hawke elaborate on work, click on the media bar below:

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