The East (Fox Searchlight)Actor Alexander Skarsgard is getting his share of exposure these days, as he can currently be seen in the family drama What Maisie Knew (co-starring Julianne Moore), and he’s also featured in the upcoming thriller The East. Fans of manipulative blood sucker Eric Northman are anticipating the June 16th premiere of HBO’s True Blood.

“As much as I love the show and playing Eric,” says Skarsgard, whose diverse credits include Battleship and Melancholia. “I’m an actor, so I love to find new collaborations and new characters where I can learn new things about myself and grow as an actor. It’s all a combination of trying to find some great projects and also (finding) a little time to go to sleep because I don’t get a lot of that right now.”

Click on the media bar and listen to Skarsgard shed a bit of insight on the new season of True Blood:

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