112The Sci-fi show Quantum Leap is considered to be one of the best shows of that genre to have ever aired on television. The series aired from 1989-1993 on NBC. It’s been over twenty years since the series finale, but the show has found a new life on Cable television.

The majority of the show’s success should be credited to Scott Bakula, who truly proved that he was and continues to be one of the most diverse actors in Hollywood. Every week Bakula not only had to play his regular character, Dr. Sam Beckett, but also other characters as he leaped into other people throughout time to change their lives for the better.

New generations of fans are watching the show and enjoying it as much as we did when it first aired. We spoke to Scott Bakula, who told us why he thought the series was so successful, and that he is thrilled that new generations are enjoying the show as well. (Click on the on media bar below to hear Scott Bakula)

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