Evil Dead (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) Many remakes disappoint and are pale imitations of their predecessor, but Evil Dead, which garnered a solid $54 million at the box-office, didn’t suffer such a fate. Sam Raimi, the director behind the original, is a producer on this version.

The picture, directed by promising filmmaker (and lifelong horror aficionado)  Fede Alvarez, head to Blu-ray and DVD on July 16th.  Blu-ray owners will receive two exclusive featurettes plus the cast and commentary track.  Here’s the special features details for both editions:

DVD & Blu-ray Features

*  Three featurettes (“Making Life Difficult,” “Being Mia,” and “Directing The Dead”).

Blu-ray Exclusives

*  Commentary from actors Jane Levy, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, filmmaker Fede Alvarez, and scribe Rodo Sayagues.

*  Two extra featurettes (“Unleashing The Evil Force” and “Evil Dead the Reboot”)

In the following audio clip, Fede Alvarez talks about receiving Sam Raimi’s blessing for the film:

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