What Maisie Knew (Millennium Entertainment)

Based on a Henry James novel, What Maisie Knew centers on a young girl (Onata Aprile) whose life is drastically affected by the custody battle of her parents (Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan).  Moore, who plays a musician who puts her career over her child’s priorities, recently sat down to talk about the challenges working mothers face in their day to day lives. The actress was a bit critical of a New York Times article featuring Michael Pollan and Michael Moss which discussed the importance of cooking a good lunch for one’s loved ones.  Cooking for your family is a great thing, but what happens when a working parent just doesn’t have the time?

It’s a pretty cool rant/critique from Moore, so check out the clip below and tell us if she raises a few good points!!

What Maisie Knew, which is now playing in New York theaters,  opens in Los Angeles this Friday and heads for a wider release May 24th.

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