Arrested Development (Netflix/CR: Stuart Wilson, Getty Images)

To celebrate the highly anticipated return of Arrested Development, Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana stand is making its debut at Radio City Music Hall on Monday, May 13th (11 a.m.).

Whether or not actual food will be served at the stand, it’s just great to see a piece of the program grace the streets of New York.

As for the actual show, season four premieres on Netflix on May 26th, and it’s just amazing to think that 15 more episodes from the beloved series is now in the can.

During a London press conference, actor Jeffrey Tambor talked about reuniting with his fellow cast mates for the show.  “The second week into filming, we had all been shooting individually, but in the second week we had all gathered in the Bluth family room, all nine of us and it was around 9 o’clock at night and we were called onto set and there we were amongst pretty much the same crew as well and Mitch (creator Mitch Hurwitz) and all nine of us and we all sort of burst into applause and a non sentimental group were very sentimental for about thirty minutes.  It had been six years and there we were in the same living room.  It was quite wonderful.”

David Cross, who stars as the always unpredictable Tobias Funke on the show, talks about how Arrested Development, during its initial run, was a victim of bad timing.  Click on the media bar below to hear Mr. Cross:

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