The Iceman Within the last several years, Winona Ryder has starred in Black Swan, The Dilemma, and now, the crime drama The Iceman, which is headlined by Michael Shannon.

If Ryder wanted, she could probably churn out a couple of movies per year, but these days she’s found a way to put her real life over filmmaking.  Back in the 1990s the actress starred in her share of high profile features, most notably The Age of Innocence, Reality Bites, Alien: Resurrection, and Girl, Interrupted.

Even though she may not be a headliner these days, Ryder has done her share of excellent work, and she talked recently about why the size of a role doesn’t matter to her.

Click on the media bar to hear Ryder talk about why she’s selective over her movie roles:

The Iceman opens Friday.

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