Beyond: Two Souls (CR: David Bowers/Getty Images for Sony)

Video game developers Quantic Dream, the makers behind the critically beloved title Heavy Rain, are continuing their passion for cinema inspired narratives with Beyond: Two Souls.

The game’s director, David Cage, as well voice actors Ellen Page (Juno), Willem Dafoe), Kadeem Hardison (A Different Worlds), and Eric Winter (TheMentalist) participated at a Saturday panel discussion at the Tribeca Film Festival to talk about the game, which was recognized as an official selection at the fest for its impact on the “Future of Film.”

“This has been a really intense and exciting experience for me, and one that I am extremely proud of,” said Page.  “I’m excited to see everyone’s reaction to the extended scene we are going to be screening – and to feel the powerful emotion that David Cage instills in all his games.”

Beyond: Two Souls centers on 15 years in the life of a youth named Jodie Holmes (Page), a girl who has an inextricable connection to a mysterious entity. The sequence featured at the fest, titled “Homeless,” has Jodie struggling to survive the next meal without a roof over her head or a family to depend on.

“This is a momentous event both in the world of gaming and in the history of the Tribeca Film Festival,” said Dafoe.  “Beyond: Two Souls tells a beautiful story and the players can wholly participate in each scenario and choose the characters’ action.  This game is unlike any project that I’ve ever been involved with before.”

The game comes out October 8th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3.

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