NUP_155860_1724.JPGFor the past few seasons, the NBC talent music show The Voice has beaten FOX’s American Idol in the ratings and popularity. In years past American Idol ruled television, pulling in over 20 million viewers a night. But this season, Idol is at its lowest in ratings, while The Voice’s ratings are on the rise and are easily beating Idol each week.

This week Adam Levine was asked why he thinks The Voice is beating American Idol. While Levine is known to be outspoken on his views, he gave a politically correct answer, saying that he and the show don’t get involved in a war of words. He also said that he has a lot of respect for American Idol’s past and just wants to concentrate on making The Voice as good a show as he can. (Click on the media bar below to Adam Levine)

Which is the better show? The Voice or Idol? Let us know!

The Voice airs Monday & Tuesday nights 8/7 central on NBC.

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