At Any Price (Sony Pictures Classics)Heather Graham sat down yesterday at the Four Seasons Hotel to talk about her new film At Any Price, a hard hitting drama about a manipulative farmer Dennis Quaid who will do anything to keep his business above water. Zac Efron co-stars as his son, a youth who has his eyes on a racing career.  Graham plays a woman who finds herself entangled in the lives of both men.

We’ll talk about that film in future posts, but we wanted to share a few quotes Graham gave about The Hangover Part III.

“Well there’s a new trailer out where the plot is basically revealed,” said Graham who starred in the first film as the stripper who hooks up with Stu (Ed Helms) .  “That basically John Goodman’s in it.  He’s kind of the bad guy and Ken Jeong has stolen all this money and they have to go get the money back from him. It was really fun to be back.  It was great to see everyone and fun to see Todd (director Todd Phillips).  It was cool.”

When asked if her character gets romantically involved with Stu once again, Graham couldn’t divulge any more details. During production, Graham was only given her lines and was not clued in to the rest of the story.   “It took me like two months for me to say, ‘I really want to read the rest of the script because I don’t know what was going on,’ said the actress, who has a recurring role on the upcoming season of Californication.  “They’re very, very paranoid about it.”

The actress has also penned a screenplay she wants to direct, and click on the media bar below to hear her talk about the theme of the story.

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