Bruno Mars Had a Humbling Start To His Career

NUP_152519_0042.JPGBruno Mars is one of the most diverse musicians in the world. Mars doesn’t only sing and dance – he writes his own songs and also pens tracks for other artists. The entertainer, who sells out concert venues all over the world, seems to have the world in the palm of his hand.

But it wasn’t that long ago when Mars was a struggling artist wishing for his big break. Mars told us he always knew the road to success would be hard and recalls times when he didn’t know if he could even pay his rent. He even started doubting his one of a kind talent. (Click on the media bar below to hear Bruno Mars)
Bruno Mars’s latest single, When I Was Your Man, is currently at the top of the music charts.

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‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton Feels A Loyalty To Team Blake

The Voice (NBC, CR: Ben Cohen) On tonight’s two hour installment of The Voice, the knockout rounds continue with performances from Team Blake and Team Usher.

Since two out of the three winners from The Voice came from Mr. Shelton’s camp, the big question lies on whether Shelton has a strong enough roster to win it all once again this season (Adam Levine’s squad, which features singer Judith Hill, is pretty loaded with talent).

During a recent interview, Blake talked about getting attached to the contestants on The Voice, as he admitted that there are certain grey areas that a coach has to navigate on the show.

“You do feel a loyalty to the ones that picked you to begin with after you picked them,” said Shelton.  “(But) if you’re really doing your job as a coach, you have to make the decision based on talent and not on a relationship, and that’s tough.”

To hear Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Usher talk about The Voice, click on the media bar below:

Team Blake and Team Usher head to the knockout rounds tonight on NBC (8 pm et/pt).

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Leonardo DiCaprio On The Universal Connection With ‘The Great Gatsby’

THE GREAT GATSBY (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Director Baz Luhrmann reunites with his Romeo & Juliet actor Leonardo DiCaprio for The Great Gatsby, the latest cinematic adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece about life in the roaring twenties. DiCaprio stars as the main protagonist Jay Gatsby, a big dreamer who finds himself rich beyond his wildest dreams thanks to his criminal lifestyle.

Cary Mulligan also stars as Gatsby’s lifetime infatuation, Daisy, with Toby Maguire serving as Gatsby’s only true friend, Nick Carraway.

During the press conference for The Great Gatsby, Mr. DiCaprio talked about why Jay Gatsby is such an iconic character.

The Great Gatsby opens May 10th.

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Winona Ryder Has Newfound Priorities With Reel (& Real) Life

The Iceman Within the last several years, Winona Ryder has starred in Black Swan, The Dilemma, and now, the crime drama The Iceman, which is headlined by Michael Shannon.

If Ryder wanted, she could probably churn out a couple of movies per year, but these days she’s found a way to put her real life over filmmaking.  Back in the 1990s the actress starred in her share of high profile features, most notably The Age of Innocence, Reality Bites, Alien: Resurrection, and Girl, Interrupted.

Even though she may not be a headliner these days, Ryder has done her share of excellent work, and she talked recently about why the size of a role doesn’t matter to her.

Click on the media bar to hear Ryder talk about why she’s selective over her movie roles:

The Iceman opens Friday.

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Sylvester Stallone: Why Rocky Still Hits Home With Audiences

152Just when you think there aren’t enough movies being turned into Broadway musicals, it’s time to get ready for another. Rocky, one of the greatest sports movies of all time (which Sylvester Stallone wrote, produced and starred in as the iconic boxer Rocky Balboa), is being turned into a musical. It is due to open on Broadway in February, 2014.

Stallone released the following statement about the musical, “I couldn’t be more proud or more excited about this production and how my original story of Rocky Balboa has been brought to spectacular life onstage.”

We have spoken to Stallone several times over the years. Stallone explained to us why after 30 years of the release of Rocky, people still relate to him and the film. (Click on the media bar below to hear Sylvester Stallone)

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