Evil Dead (TriStar Pictures/CR: Kirsty Griffin)

Let’s face it.  Hollywood is a crazy town, and when you mix show business in with the vagaries of La-La land, the cocktail, depending on your tastes, is either intoxicating or toxic.

Perseverance, moxie, and a healthy dose of toughness are important tools for actors trying to carve out a solid show business career.

Before she headed out to Los Angeles, Suburgatory actress Jane Levy studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory.  Along with the TV series, Levy landed the lead role in Evil Dead, the remake of the Sam Raimi film (Raimi’s also a producer), a horror flick which opens April 5th.

Whether you’ve studied method acting or are theater trained, if you want to make it in Hollywood, you’re going to have to audition.  Jane Levy talked about her embarrassing audition for Evil Dead; she actually ran out of the room after attempting to turn into a demon.  That embarrassment led to creative prosperity, as Levy nailed the audition and got the part.

Listen to the actress talk about her memorable Evil Dead audition.  It’s pretty funny.

Evil Dead opens April 5th.

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