Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Walt Disney Enterprises)There is a man behind the camera and the man behind the curtain. During our interviews for last week’s Blu-ray release for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, we interviewed the man behind the voice, Charles Fleischer.  We had known Mr. Fleischer for his iconic work as Roger Rabbit, as well as for his chilling work as Bob Vaughn in David Fincher’s meticulous and harrowing crime drama Zodiac.

Fleischer, as with all individuals, is more than the sum of two parts. We had no idea about his studies on gamma-ray bursts and a subsequent paper that was published by Cornell University.  Or his invention or patenting of a Toy Egg. We also had no clue about his speaking engagement at the TED conference where he talks about geometry, maps, and “Moleeds” (check out the video here).

We went into the interview ready to ask a couple of generic questions about a movie we all know and love, and thankfully Charles Fleischer expanded the conversation. “I love doing what I do more than I ever have,” said Fleischer, in a rather telling remark, during the interview.

Before you check out the video, below is the exact order of topics covered:

*  What makes Who Framed Roger Rabbit filmmaker Robert Zemeckis a unique artist.

*  On being a big kid and having joy in what he’s doing (he’s also a stand-up comedian).

*  “For me acting is acting.”  Fleischer breaks down the different skill sets needed for voice acting and acting in front of the camera.

* Fleischer talks about gamma ray bursts and the paper he wrote on the subject.  He also talks about his many interests and talents, using the analogy of a bicycle wheel.

*  “I love doing what I do more than I ever have.”  He talks about his craft and how much he still loves performing stand-up and acting.

*  On not resting on his laurels after Who Framed Roger Rabbit and continuing to grow as an artist.

Fleischer talks about engaging in social media (Twitter & Facebook).  He then breaks down the relationship between ontogeny and phylogeny.

*  We ask him about his views on whether an artist should be a solitary individual.  He answers by mentioning the book The Alchemist, meme theory, and the Industrial Revolution!

*  Closing quote: “There’s a lot more going on than we know about.”

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