Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL (CR: Nintendo)

Growing up babies of the 1980s, we aren’t exactly steeped in the Pokemon universe, and maybe since we don’t have babies of ourselves, our ignorance of the phenomena may be slightly forgivable.

But we love conspiracy thrillers and mysteries, and a rumor this week surfaced that a Pikachu Edition Nintendo 3DS XL would arrive stateside after a kid was holding the system in a Pokemon Mystery: Gates to Infinity ad.

Although we called a Nintendo rep about the rumor, she never got back to us, which led us to believe that something was afoot. Or maybe we were just paranoid.

The big deal, for Pokemon and 3DS enthusiasts, is the system had been only available in Europe and Japan, and now the Pikachu Edition 3DS XL hits North America March 24th for $199.99. The unit also comes with a 4GB SD memory card.

Pokemon Mystery: Gates to Infinity launches the same day. Give credit to Nintendo, which  recently lost a $30.2 million patent lawsuit over the 3DS, for bringing a little sunshine amidst its recent storm cloud of bad news.

We also love how Nintendo threw out the little Pikachu clue with the Pokemon Mystery commercial.  Well done peekabo Pikachu, well done!!

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