A Dark Truth (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Out on DVD today, A Dark Truth (R, 102 minutes) features Andy Garcia as Jack Begosian, a radio talk show host and former CIA agent who travels to Ecuador and rescues environmental activists (Forest Whitaker, Eva Longoria) targeted by a corrupt corporate head (Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates). Deborah Kara Unger stars as the CEO’s sister who hires Begosian, and scene stealer Kevin Durand (Robin Hood, TV’s Lost) is the assassin hired to clean up all the mess.

Shot in Northern Ontario and the Dominican Republic, A Dark Truth features an array of talented character actors (Devon Bostick makes a cameo, and Steven Bauer is also a co-star). The movie, although injected with a level of political consciousness, succeeds best as an action thriller. As always, Garcia brings a dogged craftsmanship to his role, and although it’s a brief encounter, his interaction with Durand during the film’s final moments is worth a look (if you’re a fan of both actors, of course).

A Dark Truth Special Features:

*  The DVD comes with “Behind the Truth,” a thirteen minute featurette which, although it features the requisite interviews from all the main actors in the cast, also delves into aspects of the film’s production.

*  Director Damian Lee talks about the challenges of working on a low budget yet still giving the film solid production values. Lee’s collaboration with cinematographer Bobby Shore and production designer Tony Cowley is also covered in the featurette.

*  “Behind The Truth” also contains footage of Andy Garcia working with the stunt crew as they shoot the final action sequence in the film.

*  Favorite Quote from the Featurette: “For me, the greatest part of acting is to learn it and then forget it,” said Kim Coates.  “You have to have it, and then you forget it.”

*  Also included on the DVD are the trailers for Kill Me, Intouchables, Looper, Company of Heroes, and Zero Dark Thirty.

To check out a clip from the “Behind The Truth” featurette, click on the video below:

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