Fractured Soul 2 (Endgame Studios)

As I work my way back into the Nintendo universe (I finally purchased a Wii U a week ago – it’s still in its box!), I’ll be browsing the Nintendo eShop to look for a few price drops that will save me a bit of coin.

I haven’t played Fractured Soul on the Nintendo 3DS, but I may just download this title due to its existential, film noir bent moniker.  This side scrolling platform game is spread through two screens, and since I’m a huge fan of split-screen aesthetics (Brian De Palma is my favorite director), Fractured Soul should be right up my alley.

The clincher is it’s currently on sale for the next few days on the Nintendo eShop, and gamers can save over 30% when they download the game, which has  dropped down to $7.99.

I also love the plot summary doled out by developer Endgame Studios: “You are forgotten. Stranded on an outpost in deep space. You remember nothing of who you are.”


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