Admission (Focus Features/David Lee)Raising a family and leading a productive, creative life must be hard for many people (I wouldn’t know), but for Tina Fey, it’s all about finding your muse in a laundry room.  In a recent interview, she talked about how she found the time to pen her book Bossypants.

“With the book, I did end up doing a lot of it at home or I would do it on set at 30 Rock, like literally on a turnaround,” said Fey, who stars with Paul Rudd in the upcoming comedy Admission. “When they were turning the cameras around I would have twenty or thirty minutes at a time.  I would do it there.  Sometimes I used to hide in my laundry room.  I would say to my husband, ‘Just take them for an hour and a half’ and I would hide from them.”

Admission director Paul Weitz confessed he read Bossypants in preparation for working with Fey, and the actress talked about how he tried to incorporate all that research for a specific scene in the film.  To hear Fey, click on the media bar below:

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Admission opens March 22nd.

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