Trouble With The Curve (Warner Home Video) Great news this morning from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, as the Clint Eastwood 40 Film Collection and the Clint Eastwood 20 Film Collection are being released on June 4th.

The 40 film collection is on DVD, with the 20 film set on Blu-ray.  Each version will feature Eastwood’s latest movie Trouble with the Curve as well as the new documentary Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story, which was produced by Eastwood’s longtime colleague Richard Schickel. The DVD set costs $179.98, with the Blu-ray collection set at $129.95.

During Mr. Eastwood’s 38 years with Warner Bros., the actor and his Malpaso Productions have created over 40 movies for the studio.

Click on the media bar and listen to why Clint Eastwood really doesn’t watch his old films:

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Below is the list of both collections:

40 Film Collection (DVD)

1.      A Perfect World

2.      Absolute Power

3.      Any Which Way You Can

4.      Bird

5.      Blood Work

6.      Bronco Billy

7.      City Heat

8.      Dirty Harry

9.      Every Which Way But Loose

10.     Firefox

11.     Gran Torino

12.     Heartbreak Ridge

13.     Hereafter

14.     Honkytonk Man

15.     Invictus

16.     J. Edgar

17.     Kelly’s Heroes

18.     Letters from Iwo Jima

19.     Magnum Force

20.     Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

21.     Million Dollar Baby

22.     Mystic River

23.     Pale Rider

24.     Pink Cadillac

25.     Space Cowboys

26.     Sudden Impact

27.     The Bridges of Madison County

28.     The Dead Pool

29.     The Enforcer

30.     The Gauntlet

31.     The Outlaw Josey Wales

32.     The Rookie

33.     Tightrope

34.     Trouble with the Curve

35.     True Crime

36.     Unforgiven

37.     Where Eagles Dare

38.     White Hunter Black Heart

39.     Eastwood Factor Documentary

40.     Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story Documentary

20 Film Collection (Blu-ray)

1.       A Perfect World

2.      Dirty Harry

3.      Every Which Way But Loose

4.      Firefox

5.      Gran Torino

6.      Heartbreak Ridge

7.      Hereafter

8.      Invictus

9.      J. Edgar

10.     Letters from Iwo Jima

11.     Magnum Force

12.     Million Dollar Baby

13.     Mystic River

14.     Pale Rider

15.     Space Cowboys

16.     Sudden Impact

17.     The Gauntlet

18.     The Outlaw Josey Wales

19.     Trouble with the Curve

20.     Unforgiven

21.     Eastwood Factor Documentary

22.     Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story Documentary

Did Warner Bros. pick the 20 films you want on Blu-ray?  Which of the Eastwood films are your favorite? Least favorite?  As far as top movies, I’m partial to A Perfect World, Unforgiven, and The Outlaw Josey Wales.  Tell us what you think!

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