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With the good humored Stefan eliminated last week, it’s up to Brooke, Josh, Lizzie, and Sheldon to keep the culinary fires burning in ice cold Alaska.

Now that the cruise adventure is over, the remaining four partake in a quickfire challenge at Tracy’s King Crab Shack.  The goal of the quickfire is to spotlight the delicious flavor of the king crab. James Beard award winning chef Sean Brock, owner of the Charleston restaurants Husk and McCrady’s, is on hand to judge the dishes.

Although Josh tried to appeal to Brock’s Southern roots by featuring succotash on his plate, Brock described himself as a “succotash snob” and put Josh, as well as Lizzie (she cooked a crab frittata), in the bottom two.  Although Brooke’s decision to create a dungeness crab butter to complement her king crab was met with high marks from Brock, he picked Sheldon’s inventive dish as the winner.  Sheldon has really hit some major high notes this season, and his inspired decision to create a miso soup out of dungeness crab as well as cook a pine-smoked asparagus got him the win and $5,000.

The elimination challenge had the chefs offering their spin on sourdough (with the help of a 31-year-old sourdough starter) and salmon at the Gold Creek Salmon Bake.  Hugh Acheson, Brock, Gail Simmons, and Emeril Lagasse joined Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio for this week’s round of judging.

During the competition Sheldon made the challenge’s biggest mistake by choosing chum salmon to use for his pea soup.  His chive sourdough was also met with mixed results.  Lizzie’s decision to make salmon sliders and pickles was seen by the judges as a bit unambitious, and at this point in the competition, such a quality will get a contestant eliminated.

High marks went to Josh for his sockeye salmon and roasted garlic sourdough soup, but it was Brooke who won the challenge with her salmon dish, which included a broth and dill sourdough. With the victory, Brooke earned a trip for two to Costa Rica.

Even though Sheldon made a horrific error in serving chum to the locals (Padma remarked that the residents feed chum to their dogs!), he received good enough feedback on his salmon.

It was Lizzie’s turn to go home on Top Chef, as Tom Colicchio claimed her salmon was unseasoned.  And if any Top Chef devotee has learned from years of watching the show – always season your food!!

Spoiler Alert – Kristen Kish continued her victorious run on Last Chance Kitchen, as she beat Lizzie with a cod and coconut broth dish.

The reason for the spoiler is due to immediacy:  Top Chef fans have until 12 pm et today to vote (via Twitter) for either Chef CJ (#savechefcj) or Chef Lizzie (#savecheflizzie) in the #SaveAChef competition.

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So who do you think will win Top Chef this season? Can Kristen claw her way back into the main competition? Is Brooke’s continued excellence make her the favorite to win it all?  Has Sheldon ever pine smoked his ukelele? Will Josh continue to use bacon?  Tell us what you think!!

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