Top Chef: Seattle (Bravo/David Moir)

One of the many reasons why I tune in to Top Chef, aside from ogling at the inspired culinary concoctions whipped up by the contestants, is to appreaciate the steady hand of host Padma Lakshmi.

Although fellow judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Hugh Acheson are not afraid to tear into an unworthy dish, Lakshmi steadies the waters by refusing to hurl insulting remarks at the contestants.  Even her goodbye to the chefs (“please pack your knives and go”) is civilized.

During this week’s NBCUniversal press tour, Hollywood Outbreak sat down with Lakshmi, and we asked her how much food she and the other judges truly eat during the elimination challenge.  “Dude, we eat all the food you see me eat, okay,” laughs Lakshmi.  “We eat so much food on the show.  We don’t eat the whole dish, but we do eat at least two bites out of every dish.  And at the beginning of the season you have 17 chefs competing.  It sounds like fun, and it is for the most part but there is a point where you get just totally full and you can’t eat anymore.  But you have to.”

We also asked if eliminating the contestants gets any easier.  Check out our Video below to hear what Lakshmi had to say.

So which chefs will make it to the final this season?  Tell us what you think!  Although she’s a big green, my money is on Kristen Kish, who has been at the top of the judges’ list several times.  Top Chef: Seattle airs Wednesday night on Bravo (10 pm et/pt)

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