colferScooping its official January 11th theatrical release by a few weeks, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING debuts on several “on demand” platforms today. Written by and starring GLEE headliner CHRIS COLFER, the film is directed by BRIAN DANNELLY (SAVED!) and also features in its cast ALLISON JANNEY, POLLY BERGEN, REBEL WILSON, CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, DERMOT MULRONEY and SARAH HYLAND. Funny, insightful and tinged with teen darkness, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING appears to be the start of a promising screenwriting career for COLFER.
Probably best known for his role as openly gay high school student Kurt Hummel on GLEE, COLFER made waves when he declared himself to be gay as well. During our interview a few days ago, he admitted that coming out was a much bigger deal to the media than it was to him.

LAND OF STORIES: THE WISHING SPELL and STRUCK BY LIGHTNING are available from booksellers now
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING is available now via VOD prior to its January 11th theatrical release