krasinski-damonWow! The overwhelming response to the news that Oscar-winner MATT DAMON and OFFICE star JOHN KRASINSKI have teamed-up to write, produce and star in feature films would be shocking if not for it being so amusing. It seems every interview they do includes a ‘defense’ of KRASINSKI’S involvement in the possible “break-up” of the Academy Award-winning GOOD WILL HUNTING team.
Opening in limited release later this month in order to qualify for awards consideration, PROMISED LAND is the first collaborative effort of the new partners. Part cautionary tale and part social commentary, the film is directed by GUS VAN SANT and stars DAMON and KRASINSKI as well as FRANCIS McDORMAND, SCOOT McNAIRY, HAL HOLBROOK, ROSEMARIE DeWITT and LUCAS BLACK.
During our interview last weekend, KRASINSKI joked about all the “concern” over his working with DAMON.

PROMISED LAND opens in theaters 12/28