glee-kurt-and-blaineIn last week’s “Winter finale” of the hit Fox series GLEE, fans were left with the distinct impression that the romance between Kurt and Blaine (“Klaine”, if you will) has gone as cold as bleak midwinter. And, while that might be devastating news for fans with a romantic bent, it doesn’t seem to be breaking the heart of multi-talented CHRIS COLFER, the award winning actor/author who has given the character of Kurt Hummel life since the series’ beginning.
Sitting down with entertainment reporters over the weekend to talk about his upcoming big-screen feature STRUCK BY LIGHTNING (more on that later), COLFER took a minute to offer thoughts on (and a tiny bit of hope for) the “Klaine” situation.

GLEE returns 1/24/13
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING will be available via VOD 12/19 and opens in theaters 1/11/13