115Although Zack Snyder has wowed audiences with his visual prowess (Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch), the jury is out on whether he can deliver an emotionally charged and thematically inspired narrative. Watchmen had all the ingredients to reach those stratospheric heights, but Snyder, though devotedly loyal to the graphic novel’s dense material, didn’t completely pull it off.

The Man of Steel trailer gives us a Clark Kent who is haunted by his own place in the world, and Snyder emphasizes the profound impact of his father’s (Kevin Costner) advice. We all know what’s ahead for Kent, but it’s Superman’s journey towards manhood which makes Richard Donner’s original Superman the strongest of the bunch. Director Christopher Nolan’s somber yet effective influence can be felt throughout this trailer, but he is simply a producer on the project. The pressure is on for Snyder to succeed after Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns just didn’t cut the mustard for many moviegoers (I loved it, btw, but I’m just one of millions).

Man of Steel opens this summer and even if all else fails, General Zod (Michael Shannon) still looks like a badass.

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Posted by Greg Srisavasdi (Twitter: @Gvasdi)