xavier-samuel-james-frecheville-shirtless-in-two-mothersSoon to be seen as a tsunami victim separated from her husband and children in the harrowing true-life drama THE IMPOSSIBLE, actress NAOMI WATTS will probably raise a few eyebrows with her role in the upcoming TWO MOTHERS.
Based on the novel THE GRANDMOTHERS by Nobel Prize-winner DORIS LESSING and directed by CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON, the story centers on two childhood friends who grow up and fall in love with each other’s teenaged son. Also in the cast are ROBIN WRIGHT, BEN MENDELSOHN and XAVIER SAMUEL.
We sat down with NAOMI WATTS last week to talk about THE IMPOSSIBLE and she took a moment to admit that TWO MOTHERS was a project that appealed to her “twisted” side.

THE IMPOSSIBLE opens in limited release 12/21
TWO MOTHERS is scheduled to debut next month at The Sundance Film Festival