hyde-park-on-hudson-olivia-williams-laura-linney-bill-murrayCurrently on limited release to qualify for awards consideration, HYDE PARK ON HUDSON is a crowd-pleasing biopic that spotlights the little known relationship between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his distant cousin and trusted confidant Daisy Suckley. Inspired by actual events surrounding the visit of Britain’s Royal Family to New York in the summer of 1939, the film is a delightful look at one of history’s little known footnotes and shines a light on events not well known. Directed by ROGER MICHELL from a script by RICHARD NELSON, the cast is headed by BILL MURRAY, LAURA LINNEY, OLIVIA WILLIAMS, SAMUEL WEST and OLIVIA COLMAN. Award-winning actress OLIVIA WILLIAMS is great in the role of Eleanor Roosevelt, arguably one of history’s most important and influential women. During our recent interview, she talked about researching the role. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HYDE PARK ON HUDSON is in limited release now