killing-them-softly-latest-posterDespite dying a swift death at the box office, KILLING THEM SOFTLY continues to play at theaters around the country in hope that word-of-mouth might gain it some traction. A surprisingly well crafted crime drama that manages to blend robbery, revenge and a touch of social commentary, the film is directed by ANDREW DOMINIK from his own adaptation of a novel by GEORGE V. HIGGINS and features a spectacular cast that includes BRAD PITT (who also produced), RAY LIOTTA, RICHARD JENKINS, SCOOT McNAIRY, BEN MENDELSOHN and JAMES GANDOLFINI. Facing entertainment reporters at a press conference to support the film, PITT and DOMINIK bantered about getting along during production. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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KILLING THEM SOFTLY is in theaters now