promised_landOpening in limited release at the end of the month in order to qualify for awards consideration, PROMISED LAND is an impressive first feature for new producing and writing partners MATT DAMON and JOHN KRASINSKI. A cautionary tale about cash-flush big-business invading hard-pressed rural communities, the film is directed by GUS VAN SANT and stars DAMON and KRASINSKI as well as FRANCIS McDORMAND, SCOOT McNAIRY, HAL HOLBROOK, ROSEMARIE DeWITT and LUCAS BLACK.
This is an auspicious beginning for DAMON and KRASINSKI, who tell us there are more projects on the way. During our interview last weekend, KRASINSKI talked about becoming part of a movie-making partnership with Oscar winner DAMON. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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PROMISED LAND opens in limited release 12/28