tim-allen-019-570Airing Friday nights on ABC-TV, LAST MAN STANDING is a consistently funny family comedy that combines the battle-of-the-sexes with the battle-of-the-generations as a “manly man” type husband and father maneuvers the minefield that is living with a wife and three daughters. Created by JACK BURDITT, the ensemble cast includes TIM ALLEN, NANCY TRAVIS, HECTOR ELIZONDO, AMANDA FULLER, MOLLY EPHRAIM, KAITLYN DEVER and CHRISTOPH SANDERS.  A former stand-up comic who rocketed to success as a comic-actor, ALLEN still performs his live comedy act several times a year in Las Vegas where he enjoys “stirring shit up” with political and social observations. During yesterday’s small press conference to promote LAST MAN STANDING, ALLEN talked about his relationship with the Vegas audience. (VID LANGUAGE NSFW)

LAST MAN STANDING airs Friday nights on ABC-TV