delhi-safari-poster011Opening in theaters this week, the animated 3D family film DELHI SAFARI mixes social consciousness with madcap comedy in an effort to educate while entertaining. Centering on a group of wild animal determined to stop builders from encroaching on their preserve, the film has been endorsed by several special interest groups such as PETA and The Humane Society. Co-written and directed by NIKHIL ADVANI, the all-star voice cast includes TARA STRONG, CARY ELWES, VANESSA WILLIAMS, BRAD GARRETT, CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, JASON ALEXANDER and JANE LYNCH.
Probably best known (at least, to the audience DELHI SAFARI is mostly aimed at) as Sue Sylvester on the hit TV musical series GLEE, actress JANE LYNCH hasn’t been seen too much this season on the show. During our recent interview, she acknowledged that there’s no “pushing” producer RYAN MURPHY for more face time on the show and that’s why we here at HO are glad she’s keeping busy with work in WRECK-IT RALPH and DELHI SAFARI. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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DELHI SAFARI opens nationwide on 12/7
WRECK-IT RALPH is in theaters now