lincoln4Currently in theaters and doing surprisingly well at the box office, LINCOLN appears to be living up to its advance hype and racing towards the front of the awards season line. Directed by STEVEN SPIELBERG from a script by award-winning playwright TONY KUSHNER, the impressive cast includes DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, SALLY FIELD, JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT, JOHN HAWKES, WALTER GOGGINS, JACKIE EARL HALEY, JAMES SPADER and TOMMY LEE JONES. During the Beverly Hills press conference to promote the film, DANIEL DAY-LEWIS (whose titular performance almost guarantees an Oscar nomination) confessed that he made a few discoveries about the 16th POTUS while researching the role, not the least of which was a “delicious” sense of humor . (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

LINCOLN is in theaters now