hitchcock_ver21Currently in theaters, HITCHCOCK steps behind the cameras to shed some light on the behind-the-scenes story of the creation of what many consider a cinematic masterpiece, PSYCHO. Directed by SACHA GERVASI and based on journalist STEPHEN REBELLO’S book ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF PSYCHO, the cast features ANTHONY HOPKINS, HELEN MIRREN, JESSICA BIEL, TONI COLLETTE and SCARLETT JOHANSSON. In a supporting role as actress VERA MILES, JESSICA BIEL plays her as frustrated with HITCHCOCK’S dismissal because of what he considered ingratitude and bad career choices. During a recent Manhattan press conference to promote the film, BIEL talked about how the mutual respect between actress VERA MILES and ALFRED HITCHCOCK was tempered a bit by the filmmaker’s quirky behavior. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HITCHCOCK is in theaters now