lincoln-detailCompletely surprising skeptics unable to believe that a long, talky historical epic centered on the passage of the 13th Amendment could sustain substantial box office traction, STEVEN SPIELBERG’s beautifully realized LINCOLN has taken in over $62 m in just over three weeks of limited release and continues a better per-screen-average than such “blockbusters” as THE TWILIGHT SAGA and SKYFALL.
A true labor of love for SPIELBERG and star DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, LINCOLN was almost a decade in the making and served as a learning experience for everyone involved. During the recent Beverly Hills press conference to promote the film, SPIELBERG talked about his commitment to the idea that DAY-LEWIS play the titular lead role while the actor wanted it known that there was no ill will between he and pal LIAM NEESON, who was at one time in contention to play the part.

LINCOLN is in theaters now