bad_kids_go_to_hellWhile not likely to be nominated for an Oscar or Critics’ Choice Award, our pick this awards season for “Best Movie Title” goes to the upcoming teen horror release BAD KIDS GO TO HELL. In what appears to be a twisted homage to the JOHN HUGHES classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB, this dark cautionary tale centers on a group of very pretty private school students who meet grisly ends while serving out a Saturday detention session. Co-written (with BARRY WERNICK) and directed by MATTHEW SPRADLIN, the extremely photogenic cast includes BEN BROWDER, MIKE GASSAWAY, ALI FAULKNER, AUGIE DUKE, CHANEL RYAN and MARC DONATO as well as JUDD NELSON.
We’re all for holiday counter-programming and ready to stand in line for this one!

BAD KIDS GO TO HELL opens in theaters 12/7