red_dawn_ver3Arriving in theaters today, the long delayed (and much maligned) remake of JOHN MILIUS’ iconic 1984 action/adventure film RED DAWN is finally going to see the light of the silver screen, just a few years later than originally planned. Caught for years in a web of legal hassles, the film has fans of the original casting a skeptical eye towards its release despite the appearance of some pretty popular young stars in the leads. Directed by DAN BRADLEY this time around, the remake stars CHRIS HEMSWORTH, JOSH PECK and JOSH HUTCHERSON and tells the story of a group of teens who band together to save their town from enemy attack. Probably best known as half of the titular pair of salt-and-pepper step-brothers on the popular Nickelodeon series JOSH AND DRAKE, JOSH PECK may have changed his physical image since his TV days but the comic instinct remains the same. During our recent interview, PECK responded to questions about how he’d fare if his situation in the film were real. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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RED DAWN opens in theaters today