dust-mnn_03Airing tonight and tomorrow on PBS, THE DUST BOWL is a two-night, four-hour documentary by award-winning filmmaker KEN BURNS that expertly chronicles the infamous 1930s environmental catastrophe that destroyed the farmlands of the Great Plains. Turning prairies into deserts and unleashing what many felt were apocalyptic dust storms, it was (at the time) the worst ecological disaster in American history. A monumental collaboration between BURNS and DAYTON DUNCAN, the film details a critical time that called into play heroic perseverance as well as extreme cooperation between government agencies and farmers.  At a recent Television Critics Association press conference set up to discuss the project, BURNS warned that the film should be looked at as a ‘cautionary tale.” (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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THE DUST BOWL debuts tonight on PBS with the conclusion airing tomorrow night