lincoln2Opening in theaters today, the long-gestating biopic LINCOLN is a study in detail as it chronicles the last four month in the life of Abraham Lincoln. Often called The Great Emancipator, the 16th President of the United States worked (and schemed if we’re to believe this account) tirelessly to promote the 13th amendment in an effort to abolish slavery and end the Civil War. Directed by STEVEN SPIELBERG from a script by award-winning playwright TONY KUSHNER, the LINCOLN cast includes DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, SALLY FIELD, JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT, JOHN HAWKES, WALTER GOGGINS, JACKIE EARL HALEY, JAMES SPADER and TOMMY LEE JONES.
As Mary Todd Lincoln, Academy Award-winning actress SALLY FIELD had her work cut out for her. Depending on which account you believe, Mrs. Lincoln was either a raving shrew or a woman driven mad by grief for her dead son. During the recent Beverly Hills  press conference to promote the film, FIELD (seen here with screenwriter KUSHNER and co-star GORDON-LEVITT)  talked about her research.

LINCOLN opens in theaters today