box-office-report3Surprising absolutely no one, Disney’s latest animated adventure, WRECK-IT RALPH, took the top slot on the weekend box office chart with a formidable $49.1 m. Taxiing into the #2 position, FLIGHT, the devastating character study of a man at his emotional end starring DENZEL WASHINGTON, took in $25 m. Coming in at #3, ARGO is hanging tough with a respectable $10.2 m.. Meanwhile in the #4 place, WU TANG CLAN veteran RZA’s directorial debut, THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, introduced Oscar winner RUSSELL CROWE to the world of “chop-sockey” and scored $8.2 m. Rounding out the top five, the action-packed thriller TAKEN 2 is still on the list with $6 m.
One of the most unlikely stars of this week’s #1 hit, WRECK-IT RALPH, is outspoken comic SARAH SILVERMAN, who confided to us during our recent interview that the Disney folk were a little nervous about her doing press for the film.