cloud_atlas_1-620x4115Finally in theaters after much anticipation, CLOUD ATLAS is a truly ambitious sci-fi saga that will test the strength of some viewers while totally thrilling others. Featuring an all-star cast in multiple roles and connected story lines, the film features performances by TOM HANKS, HALLE BERRY, SUSAN SARANDON, JIM BROADBENT, HUGO WEAVING, JIM STURGESS, BEN WHISHAW, KEITH DAVID and DOONA BAE. Based on the best-selling novel by DAVID MITCHELL and collectively directed by co-screenwriters ANDY WACHOWSKI, LANA WACHOWSKI and TOM TYKWER, CLOUD ATLAS proved to carry some interesting challenges. During our recent interview with the filmmakers, they talked about going from page to screen. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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CLOUD ATLAS is in theaters now