wreckit_ralphWhen the titular bad guy in a 1980’s video game decides he wants to go straight, he journeys from game to game to prove he’s got the stuff of a hero. That’s the basic premise of Disney’s upcoming animated trip down memory lane called WRECK IT RALPH. A very funny celebration of gaming arcades and all things 8-bit, the film boasts a star-turn voice-over performance by SARAH SILVERMAN as the tomboy racing game star Vanellope Von Schweetz. An accomplished actress known by many for her adult-oriented stand-up comedy act, SILVERMAN might not seem like the first choice for a Disney film (despite the fact that other ‘blue’ comics have gone on to make family films). We sat down with SILVERMAN recently to talk about the film and she confessed that being cast as a Disney star came as a bit of a shock to her too. (LANGUAGE NSFW)

WRECK IT RALPH opens in theaters 11/2