walt-disney-tom-hanksCurrently in production for release sometime next year, SAVING MR. BANKS is a Hollywood behind-the-scenes tell-all detailing the labored and often contentious machinations that took place in getting MARY POPPINS to the screen. A long-time favorite of iconic moviemaker WALT DISNEY, the P. L. TRAVERS childrens classic wasn’t an easy “get.” According to legend, it took fourteen years for DISNEY to convince the author to relinquish the film rights and then she bad mouthed the final product. Directed by JOHN LEE HANCOCK, the SAVING MR. BANKS cast includes TOM HANKS, COLIN FARRELL, EMMA THOMPSON, BRADLEY WHITFORD, PAUL GIAMATTI, JASON SCHWARTZMAN, RACHEL GRIFFITHS and B.J. NOVAK.
We sat down with TOM HANKS a few days ago to talk about his upcoming sci-fi adventure CLOUD ATLAS and he took a moment to talk about researching DISNEY. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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SAVING MR. BANKS is scheduled for release 12/20/13
CLOUD ATLAS opens in theaters 10/26