alex_cross6Opening in theaters today, ALEX CROSS pits the popular JAMES PATTERSON character against a sadistic serial killer who takes the extra step of making their relationship very personal. This time around, it’s TYLER PERRY (stepping in for MORGAN FREEMAN) taking on the titular role while the usually likeable MATTHEW FOX plays one of the creepiest characters to hit the screen in a long time. Directed by ROB COHEN, the cast also includes EDWARD BURNS, RACHEL NICHOLS, CICELY TYSON, GIANCARLO ESPOSITO, JOHN C. McGINLEY and JEAN RENO.

Facing entertainment reporters at a press conference to promote the film, FOX addressed the rumors that he and PERRY weren’t speaking during the shoot by explaining that the nature of their characters didn’t really allow for chit-chat.

ALEX CROSS opens in theaters today