alex_cross5Opening in theaters Friday, ALEX CROSS is the latest attempt at a big-screen adaptation of the popular detective created by best-selling author JAMES PATTERSON. This time around, it’s TYLER PERRY (stepping in for MORGAN FREEMAN) taking on the titular role and making the search for a sadistic serial killer personal. Directed by ROB COHEN, the cast also includes EDWARD BURNS, RACHEL NICHOLS, CICELY TYSON, GIANCARLO ESPOSITO, MATTHEW FOX, JOHN C. McGINLEY and JEAN RENO.
Despite his work in other, stand-alone projects, PERRY is probably most associated with his own faith-based franchise featuring his outrageous MADEA character. During the press conference to promote the new film, he admitted that the older, more conservative MADEA fans might not be won over by the morally challenged ALEX CROSS.

ALEX CROSS opens in theaters Friday