sons-of-anarchy-season-4-one-sheet-television-posterAiring tonight on FX, the hugely popular series SONS OF ANARCHY is about to take a few turns that should get fans’ attention. Arguably one of the best series on the air despite (or, maybe, because) of its highly selective moral compass, the show continues to turn out first-rate installments and the ensemble cast includes RON PERLMAN, CHARLIE HUNNAM and KATEY SAGAL as well as the most accomplished collection of character actors on TV today. Because of the volatile nature of their characters on the show, HUNNAM and PERLMAN don’t get a lot of chances to “pal” around but their recent teaming on the off-beat comedy 3,2,1…FRANKIE GO BOOM, allowed for some horseplay. During our recent interview, HUNNAM took a moment to talk about their working relationship.

An exciting new episode of SONS OF ANARCHY airs tonight on FX
3, 2, 1…FRANKIE GO BOOM is in select theaters and available via VOD now