frankie-go-boomCurrently in select theaters and available via VOD, 3,2,1…FRANKIE GO BOOM is an off-beat, quirky comedy involving two distinctly different brothers, a faded movie star, a transgendered ex-con, a sex tape and a pig. Written and directed by JORDAN ROBERTS, the film features SONS OF ANARCHY stars RON PERLMAN (in full drag, no less) and CHARLIE HUNNAM as well as CHRIS NOTH, NORA DUNN, CHRIS O’DOWD, LIZZY CAPLAN, ADAM PALLY and WHITNEY CUMMINGS.
Because of his powerful starring role in the hit FX series SONS OF ANARCHY, fans tend to forget that PERLMAN is no stranger to comedic roles as well. During our recent interview, he reminded us that he got his start in comedy.

3,2,1…FRANKIE GO BOOM is in select theaters and available via VOD