dredd_ver2_xlgNow in theaters and inexplicably sinking like a stone at the box office, DREDD is set on the lawless streets of Mega City One and chronicles the exploits of a band of elite “street judges” whose job it is to enforce the law, sentence offenders and, if need be, execute them on the spot. Not so much a “remake” as it is a “reboot” of the 1995 SYLVESTER STALLONE drama JUDGE DREDD, this time around KARL URBAN takes on the titular role and shares the screen with OLIVIA THIRLBY, LENA HEADEY, DOMHNALL GLEESON and LANGLEY KIRKWOOD.
We sat down with THIRLBY yesterday to talk about her work in the soon-to-be-released relationship drama NOBODY WALKS and she took a moment to talk about the DREDD opening and her hopes that word-of-mouth might resuscitate it.

DREDD is currently on life-support in theaters everywhere