Exclusive Video! ‘Looper’ Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks ‘Robin’ And The End Of ‘Dark Knight Rises’

looper_ver3In theaters later this week, LOOPER is a noir/sci-fi thriller written and directed by RIAN JOHNSON and starring GORDON-LEVITT, BRUCE WILLIS, EMILY BLUNT, PIPER PERABO, JEFF DANIELS, PAUL DANO and GARRET DILLAHUNT. A crime drama with a time-travel twist and more than just mayhem on its mind, the film was chosen to open this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and is receiving great critical and audience response.
For JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, LOOPER marks a terrific follow-up to his roles in this year’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and PREMIUM RUSH. We sat down with the actor yesterday to talk about his new film and he took a moment to reflect on the twisty ending of CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S final installment in the BATMAN trilogy and how NOLAN handled the introduction of a new character.

LOOPER opens in theaters 9/28

‘Moon River’ Crooner Andy Williams Dead At 84: R.I.P.

andywilliamspng5It’s been reported that iconic crooner ANDY WILLIAMS has lost his battle with cancer and died last night at his home in Branson, Missouri at the age of 84. A hugely popular television variety show host in the ’60s and  ’70s, WILLIAMS recorded eighteen Gold and three Platinum-certified albums as well as introducing to the public MOON RIVER (the theme to the film BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S) and one of TV’s first boy-bands, THE OSMOND BROTHERS. His ultra-relaxed style, matinee-idol good looks and smooth voice made him a true symbol of his era in entertainment.

ANDY WILLIAMS 1927 – 2012

Exclusive Video! Charlie Hunnam Confirms Two (Maybe Even Three) More Seasons Of S.O.A.

Currently available via VOD (and set for theatrical release next month), 3, 2, 1…FRANKIE GO BOOM is a quirky romantic comedy centered on a hapless young man trying to overcome the aftereffects of being the lifelong butt of his boorish older brothers’ jokes. Written and directed by JORDAN ROBERTS, this off-beat film features SONS OF ANARCHY stars RON PERLMAN (sporting a stylish look) and CHARLIE HUNNAM (playing very much against type) as well as CHRIS NOTH, NORA DUNN, CHRIS O’DOWD, LIZZY CAPLAN, ADAM PALLY and WHITNEY CUMMINGS.
We caught up recently with HUNNAM and CAPLAN to talk about the new film and were pleasantly surprised that HUNNAM was willing to take a moment to reveal that his hit FX series, SONS OF ANARCHY, has been given the okay for two more seasons and that the network is even looking forward to a commitment to extend that.
3,2,1…FRANKIE GO BOOM is available now via VOD

SONS OF ANARCHY airs tonight on FX

Penny Marshall Takes An Inspiring Look At Life With ‘My Mother Was Nuts’

penny-marshall-my-motherRemembering a life that was both hilarious and heartbreaking, producer/writer/actor PENNY MARSHALL tells all (or, at least, most) in her new memoir, MY MOTHER WAS NUTS. From growing up in her mother’s dance studio to becoming the first woman to direct a movie that grossed over $100 million, MARSHALL’s story takes readers on a trip from the poor side of the Bronx to the top of the Hollywood food-chain.
As confirmed in the book, it was her brother, Garry, who first opened the door to her success by getting her roles in such TV classics as THE ODD COUPLE, HAPPY DAYS and, of course, the uber-successful LAVERNE & SHIRLEY. During our recent interview, PENNY talked about her relationship with her brother. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA LINK FOR AUDIO)
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MY MOTHER WAS NUTS is in stores and on-line now

New To Blu: Lighten Your Campaign Coverage With ‘Dave’

dave-blu-ray-cover-79-350x4501Available today on Blu-ray, DAVE is a political comedy/satire that shows what happens when a hapless and hopelessly honest ‘everyman’ (who happens to be the spitting image of a sitting U.S. President) takes office to hide the fact the Commander-In-Chief has slipped into a coma. Released in 1993, DAVE was directed by IVAN REITMAN from a screenplay by GARY ROSS and featured a brilliant cast that included KEVIN KLINE, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, FAITH PRINCE, KEVIN DUNN, VING RHAMES, BEN KINGSLEY and FRANK LANGELLA.
Primarily known, at the time, for such broad comedies as GHOSTBUSTERS and STRIPES, DAVE was a real change of pace for REITMAN. And it was a change that audiences seemed to appreciate. During our recent (and poorly lit) interview with the iconic director, he confessed a wish that he’d made more films like DAVE.

DAVE is available today on Blu-ray