EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Joseph Gordon-Levitt Goes The Distance For Artistic Collective hitREcord.org

hitrecord-tumblrSoon to be seen in the sci-fi, time-travel adventure LOOPER, JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT is spending quite a bit of his time and energy on an off-camera labor-of-love called hitREcord. An artistic collective formed on-line and designed to offer a creative space and sense of community to artists without other viable outlets, hitREcord has successfully published their first book (THE TINY BOOK OF TINY STORIES VOL. 1) and, just recently, their first collection of songs (MOVE ON THE SUN). Open to artists in almost all the creative fields, hiREcord is a fascinating idea and a delightful website worth spending a little time (and money) on. Earlier this week, we sat down with GORDON-LEVITT, who talked about hitREcord and how it works.

LOOPER opens in theaters tomorrow
Get your artistic juices flowing at www.hitREcord.org

Demi Lovato Is Looking for ‘Entire Package’ From ‘X Factor’ Singers

The X Factor (CR: FOX, Nino Munoz)

The X Factor, thanks to the addition of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, has upped its star wattage from last season, and both singers have developed a rapport with returning judges Simon Cowell and L.A. ReidSpears and Lovato’s celebration of Reid’s birthday, which featured Spears singing happy birthday to the music bigwig, was a charming moment.  Cowell’s consistent banter with Lovato also is one of this season’s highlights, as their chemistry actually feels natural.

While Lovato has been relatively kind and supporting during the audition process (her support of X Factor hopeful Jillian Jensen during Jensen’s audition was particularly moving), Spears has been the more exacting and critical one.  Their differing styles will be interesting to watch during the show’s mentoring process.

Click on the media bar below to hear Spears talk about going through the audition rounds for The X Factor.

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During a recent interview, Cowell had only high praise for the new judges.  “I mean first of all, most of the girls I’ve ever worked with don’t like saying no,” says Cowell.  “Not the case with these two.  Feisty, different opinions.  I think we all have a different kind of taste in music as well.  I mean sometimes of a different perception of what we think a star is. . But what’s interesting is that you have this mentoring proces once you hit the live shows.  So I’m kind of really fascinated to see what’s going to happen with Demi, with Britney working with these artists, how they can hopefully make them better and turn  them into pop stars.”

Demi Lovato says X Factor singers have to “wow” her if they want to distinguish themselves from the pack.  (Click on the media bar below to hear Lovato)

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The X Factor airs tonight and tomorrow night at 8 pm et/pt on Fox.

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‘Hotel Transylvania’ Scares Up Some Street Cred For Star Adam Sandler

hotel_transylvania_ver16Opening in theaters this weekend, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is set in the titular resort where the world’s most famous monsters go to unwind and get a little R-and-R. A 3D animated family film designed to scare the laughs out of you, the film is directed by GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY (SAMURAI JACK) and features an all-star line-up of voice talent that includes ADAM SANDLER, KEVIN JAMES, ANDY SAMBERG, STEVE BUSCEMI, DAVID SPADE, FRAN DRESCHER, JON LOVITZ, MOLLY SHANNON and CEE-LO GREEN.

Best known for her starring role on the long-running Disney Channel hit sitcom THE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE, 19-year-old SELENA GOMEZ is a major player in the world of kid stars. And, according to co-star ADAM SANDLER that carried some weight in his decision to join in the fun. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA opens in theaters Friday

Aussie Comedienne Rebel Wilson Is ‘Pitch Perfect’ And Poised To Hit It Big Stateside

pitch_perfect1Slated to hit the big screen later this week, PITCH PERFECT is an entertaining musical comedy set in the world of college level a cappella singing competitions. Part GLEE (a little) and part MEAN GIRLS (a lot), the film pits the girls against the boys while delivering fun tunes and sharp dialog. Directed by JASON MOORE from a script by KAY CANNON, the cast has KENDRICK joined by ELIZABETH BANKS, REBEL WILSON, ALEXIS KNAPP, BRITTANY SNOW, CHRISTOPHER MINTZ-PLASSE and JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS. Certainly one of the highlights of PITCH PERFECT is the casting of relative unknown Australian actress/comedienne REBEL WILSON. A popular performer in her homeland “down under”, WILSON has been popping up stateside for a couple of years now. At the recent press conference to promote PITCH PERFECT, she talked about getting started in show biz. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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PITCH PERFECT opens in theaters Friday

‘Perks’ Is A Step In The Right Direction For Star Logan Lerman

the_perks_of_being_a_wallflower_8Currently in theatrical release and getting great critical response, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER is the big screen adaptation of STEPHEN CHBOSKY’S best selling young adult novel of the same name and follows the adolescent coming-of-age of a 15-year-old high schooler trying to cope with first love, loss and mental illness. Directed and scripted by CHBOSKY, the film features a captivating and completely committed performances from leads LOGAN LERMAN, EMMA WATSON and EZRA MILLER.
First-time director, CHBOSKY is to be congratulated not just for a great adaptation of his own book but also for the perfect ensemble cast he’s put together. We spoke to LOGAN LERMAN not too long ago and he talked about what he’d like to accomplish working in film. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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