EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Director Rian Johnson Promises There’s More To ‘Looper’ Than Just Time Travel

looper_ver2Arriving today in theaters, LOOPER is a lot more than just a sci-fi time travel adventure. Written and directed by RIAN JOHNSON and starring GORDON-LEVITT, BRUCE WILLIS, EMILY BLUNT, PIPER PERABO, NOAH, SEGAN, JEFF DANIELS, PAUL DANO and GARRET DILLAHUNT, it’s a crime drama with an element of time-travel and more than just a little emphasis on character. Chosen to open this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and is receiving great critical and audience response. Earlier this week, we sat down with JOHNSON and SEGAN to talk about the film and get their thoughts on the time-travel aspect of the story.

LOOPER opens in theaters today

Brittany Snow Saves The Best For Last In ‘Pitch Perfect’ Finale

pitch-perfect02In theaters today, PITCH PERFECT is a musical comedy set in the world of college level a cappella singing competitions and owes more than just a little to the success of such crowd pleasers as GLEE (for the music) and MEAN GIRLS (for the attitude). Pitting the girls against the boys while delivering fun tunes and sharp dialog, PITCH PERFECT may just be a sleeper of a hit. Directed by JASON MOORE from a script by KAY CANNON, the cast includes ANNA KENDRICK, ELIZABETH BANKS, REBEL WILSON, ALEXIS KNAPP, BRITTANY SNOW, CHRISTOPHER MINTZ-PLASSE and JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS.
Rife with music, the film features plenty of numbers but, during our recent interview, BRITTANY SNOW confessed that it was the big finale that the cast found the biggest challenge. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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PITCH PERFECT opens in theaters today

Andre Braugher And Scott Speedman Focus On The Greater Good In ‘Last Resort’

key_art_last_resort_2012Premiering tonight on ABC, LAST RESORT centers on a rogue nuclear submarine whose captain and crew question a dubious executive order and proceed to set up their own new republic on a remote tropical isle. During our recent interview at the Television Critics Association press event, series stars ANDRE BRAUGHER and SCOTT SPEEDMAN talked about how the first episode sets up the action and the conflicted nature of the characters they play.

LAST RESORT debuts tonight on ABC-TV

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Tim Burton Not Too High On Rumors Of ‘Beetlejuice’ Reboot

beetlejuiceWe trekked down to Disneyland last weekend to talk to the creative powers behind the upcoming Disney family film FRANKENWEENIE. The brainchild of filmmaker TIM BURTON, the film is a 3D, stop-motion animated expansion of a live-action short film he did back in 1984. A thoroughly delightful labor-of-love, FRANKENWEENIE is the story of an unusual reunion of a boy and his dog and features the voice talents of MARTIN LANDAU, CHRISTOPHER LEE, CATHERINE O’HARA, MARTIN SHORT, CONCHATA FERRELL and WINONA RYDER.
Despite the reunion of BEETLEJUICE stars RYDER and O’HARA in this film, BURTON doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about internet rumors that a BEETLEJUICE project is in the works. In this interview footage, the filmmaker admits he’s talked to a writer about a script but doesn’t appear too invested in the idea.

FRANKENWEENIE opens in theaters 10/5
The original BEETLEJUICE is available on DVD

People’s ‘Sexiest Man’ Has A Full Dance Card When It Comes To The Big Screen

silver_linings_playbook1Already a major prize winner at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and being hyped by several critics as a sure bet come Oscar nominations, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is the big-screen adaptation of MATTHEW QUICK’S popular novel of the same name and tells the story of a young man trying to reconcile his life with a stay in a mental institution. Adapted and directed by DAVID O. RUSSELL, the cast features BRADLEY COOPER, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ROBERT De NIRO, JULIA STILES, CHRIS TUCKER and JACKI WEAVER.
This has been a busy year for BRADLEY COOPER, with two films already released (THE WORDS, HIT AND RUN) and four more in the pipeline (SILVER LININGS PLAYLIST, SERENA, HANGOVER III, THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES), he hasn’t had a lot of time to stay still. At the recent TIFF press conference to promote SILVER LININGS PLAYLIST, he talked about occasionally being caught doing double duty. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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SILVER LININGS PLAYLIST opens in theaters 11/21